Adria International School offers high-quality education in English in a stimulating environment. Our school places the student, who actively participates in the creation and development of their own education path, in the centre of learning and teaching.

What makes our approach special and excellent?

Adria team members are distinguished by their working and life experience, as well as their personal qualities, especially conscientiousness, empathy, openness, creativity, approachability and superior working ethics. Our preschool teachers’, teachers’, coordinators’ and support service and administrative workers’ professional path is anything but ordinary. Read more about each of them at Our team. On a daily basis, our employees provide support to students and guide them towards the realisation of their goals since the moment they show interest in enrolling into our programmes to completing their education.

Our teaching practice combines the best of what traditional and modern teaching has to offer – always focused on students progress. A typical day in Adria is not organised around the school bell and a 45-minute time frame, but rather around student activities, teamwork, learning through research and making connections across disciplines and subjects. Our classes place focus on learning for the future, stressing the importance of understanding concepts, making connections between them and acquiring knowledge gradually, as opposed to memorising and reproducing facts. We aspire to familiarise all of our students with the learning process itself. Learning about learning is an important skill that will help our students develop a positive attitude towards knowledge and themselves, as well as to become lifelong learners. Technologically equipped classrooms and purposefully used digital tools will contribute to class dynamics, as well as the development of students’ digital skills. Through projects, community work and cooperation, students will engage all of their senses, fully participate in the learning process, and make connections with real life.

Students will be able to participate in numerous extracurricular activities, such as sports, scientific, artistic and other activities chosen by themselves and their parents. The aim of these is to enable that each student develops fully and according to their interests and abilities. Extracurricular activities also foster children’s physical development, positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, team spirit and positive school climate.

By sharing and creating the school space within a multicultural and multilingual community, students develop awareness about internationalisation, learn about other cultures as well as their own, and grow up into mature individuals ready to accept others and their differences, while also appreciating their own identity and tradition.

Our school goes beyond approaches aimed exclusively at students’ academic achievement, making sure that students develop their whole personality. We do this by means of different initiatives and procedures, starting from school curriculum outcomes aimed at developing empathy, a sense of general well-being, responsibility for the community, etc., to ensuring quality and balanced nutrition for students, activities in nature, cultural development, learning support, psychological support and students’ professional orientation.

The school community is more than just employees and students. It also includes parents, grandparents, the child’s immediate environment, as well as their city and region. Our initiatives are aimed at creating a network of school associates and friends on the one side, and an engaged school community, which would be involved in the life and work of the school and help us nurture our students’ well-being and education.

Since becoming an IB candidate, Adria has tried to get involved in the wider IB World Schools community, which is currently made up of 5600 renowned school across the globe. Apart from that, we participate in Erasmus+ projects, providing both our employees and students with opportunities for cooperation, education and stay outside the borders of our homeland.

Our guiding values

International orientation

We foster a person’s ability and readiness to accept and respect different cultures, values, customs and perspectives, as well as to adapt to working in an international environment.


We promote collaboration between students, teachers and employees in regard to all activities that lead to the realisation of personal and common goals.


As part of our school culture, we practice integrity, learn how to be just, fair and honest.

Respect and assertiveness

We advocate mutual respect between all students, teachers, employees and parents, as well as the ability to manage one’s emotions and communicate with others in a compassionate and effective manner.


We foster a person’s readiness to take responsibility for their own actions and behave appropriately both within and outside the school community.


We believe each student to be unique, and we foster the creation of an inclusive environment that promotes equality, understanding and acceptance of differences.


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