Enrolment procedure

Students are admitted in primary school following an interview with the parents and the child. Parents can attend the informational interview with the headmaster either alone or with their child. After that, the child comes with their parents for an interview with the school’s professional team. This provides an insight into the parents’ and student’s motivation, the child’s psychophysical maturity, their needs and preferences, and also offers a detailed presentation of the educational program the child will attend.

Enrolment into the 1st grade

Applications for enrollment of children in the 1st grade of primary school for the school year 2024/2025 have begun and will last until March 31st. This year, for the first time, applications are being conducted online through the e-Citizen system.

Parents will be able to submit an application for the enrollment of their child in the 1st grade of elementary school via the link https://osnovne.e-upisi.hr/ .

Children born between April 1st, 2017, and March 31st, 2018, are enrolled in the school year 2024/2025.

In the system, parents will be able to see general data about the child and the school in whose list of obligatory school attendants the child is included according to the place of residence or stay, or according to the parent’s choice in the case of our school. Additionally, parents can request enrollment in a different school from the one assigned to them in the system.

Immediately after submitting the application, parents will be able to choose the options offered to them by the school, such as elective subjects. Furthermore, parents do not need to bring any additional documentation to the school (e.g., medical documentation), as all documents are attached to the enrollment application in electronic form.

After submitting the enrollment application, the school will inform parents of the date for determining the child’s psychophysical condition. The school’s expert commission for enrollment in the 1st grade of primary school will provide an opinion with a proposal stating the child’s readiness for starting school. After completing the assessment procedure of the child’s psychophysical condition, the school’s expert commission conducts a conversation with the parent. The parent has the right to review the opinion and proposal of each member of the school’s expert commission.

In the case of a request for regular enrollment and the issuance of an opinion by the commission with a proposal for regular enrollment, the enrollment procedure is completed by generating an enrollment form in the system, which the parent signs, thereby giving consent to the enrollment or confirming the choice of school.

Parents who do not use the e-Citizen system, do not have access to the internet, or for any other reason are unable to submit the application electronically, should contact the school. The school administrator, in cooperation with the parent, will create an enrollment request in the system.

In addition to applications for regular enrollment in the 1st grade of elementary school from February 22nd, 2024, to March 31st, 2024, parents will also be able to submit a request for early enrollment in the 1st grade of primary school, as well as for temporary exemption from enrollment in the 1st grade of primary school. Under certain conditions, this request can be submitted to the County Department of Education, which, upon the proposal of the competent Expert Commission, issues a decision. The parent, or guardian, has the right to appeal the decision.

For all other information, testing dates at the school, medical examinations and laboratory tests, etc., please contact via email at info@adria-school.hr, principal@adria-school.hr, or call +385 91 492 55 55 and +385 91 628 03 06.

Enrollment in other grades of primary school

For the enrolment of students who have previously been educated abroad, it is necessary to provide a certificate of residence or domicile in the Republic of Croatia, an identification document (ID card or passport), certificates of previously completed grades, and a request for recognition of the previous educational period. The request form is available upon inquiry.

If a child is attending primary school in the Republic of Croatia and would be moving to our school, an application for transfer should be submitted, which is addressed to the school’s Teaching Council.

Current number of class sections

In the 2024/25 school year, the following class sections will be organised:

  • 1st grade of primary school
  • 2nd grade of primary school
  • 5th grade of primary school
  • 6th grade of primary school
  • 9th grade of primary school (1st grade of secondary school, in Croatian public school system)
  • 10th grade of primary school (2nd grade of secondary school, in Croatian public school system)

There is the possibility of organizing additional class sections if a sufficient number of interested students is gathered.


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