Elements and criteria for enrolment into the 1st grade of secondary school are outlined in the Ordinance on Elements and Criteria for Selection of Candidates for Enrolment in the First Grade of Secondary Schools

Citizens of the Republic of Croatia, EU and non-EU citizens are eligible for enrolment.

The number of candidates to be enrolled into the 1st grade is proposed by the school, and approved by the Ministry of Science and Education. The application process most often begins at the end of May, and ends by the middle of July.

For enrolment into the 1st grade of secondary school, a common, additional, and special element are also evaluated and scored.

More about the scoring elements is available here:

To enrol into education programmes, candidates must apply via the National Information System for Application and Enrolment in Secondary Schools (Nacionalni informacijski sustav prijava i upisa u srednje škole, NISpuSŠ) website available at https://srednje.e-upisi.hr.

Timetable for candidates from the regular education system of the Republic of Croatia – summer enrolment period

Candidates who are in the process of completing or have completed their primary education outside of the Republic of Croatia

Candidates who are in the process of completing or have completed their primary education outside of the Republic of Croatia may apply for enrolment into secondary school in the Republic of Croatia.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Registration: You need to register using the registration form which will be located in the upper right corner of the e-Upisi system for secondary school (“Registration”), during the period when registration is enabled for each enrolment term.
  2. Document Submission: You need to send, by registered mail, the certificates of the last 4 grades of primary education completed abroad and proof of citizenship. Copies of certificates from grades completed abroad that are in a foreign language need to be translated and certified by an authorized court interpreter. Copies of documents in Croatian need to be certified by a public notary. The birth certificate with OIB (we also accept a printout from the e-Citizens system) does not need to be certified, but a copy of the passport for foreign citizens needs to be certified by a public notary.
    • Submission Address: Send your documentation to the Central Applications Office, which will then enter your grades into the e-Upisi system for secondary schools. The address for sending documents is: Agencija za znanost i visoko obrazovanje, Središnji prijavni ured, Donje Svetice 38/5, 10000 Zagreb.
  3. Program Selection: Apply for educational programs at srednja.e-upisi.hr on your profile under the “My Selection” tab.
  4. Monitoring: Continuously monitor your point status and current results on your profile under the “My Results” tab. If a red notification or mark appears on your profile, contact the Central Applications Office via the official address srednja@azvo.hr or at the phone number 01/6274-844 to check if everything is in order.
  5. Final Rankings: Follow the publication of the final rankings to see if and for which program you have been accepted.
  6. Enrolment Certificate: The enrolment certificate will be available on your profile under “My Results” only if you have been accepted into one of the applied programs. Click on the “Enrollment Certificate” button and then the print icon to print the certificate. The enrollment certificate should be signed by you and your parent/guardian. The signed enrollment certificate can be uploaded to the system by yourself (“My Results” -> “Enrollment Certificate” -> “Upload” -> “File Upload”) or delivered to the secondary school, which will upload it into the system.

If you wish, you can send your documents to the school, and we will forward them to a certified court interpreter for translation. The cost of the translation is available upon request.

Enrolment into other grades of secondary school

Enrolment into other grades of the school involves a review of the previous educational period, an interview with parents and the student, and an initial assessment of English and, if necessary, Croatian language skills.

For the enrolment of students who have previously been educated abroad, it is necessary to provide a certificate of residence in the Republic of Croatia, personal identification (ID card or passport), certificates of previously completed grades, and a request for recognition of the previous educational period. The request form is available upon inquiry.

If a child is attending a secondary school in the Republic of Croatia and would transfer to us, an application for transfer, which is addressed to the School’s Teaching Council, must be submitted.

Currently, we do not enrol students into the 3rd and 4th grades of secondary school (11th and 12th according to the international classification).

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