8.000 €

Base price for year 2024/2025

The school fee refers to the current academic year, and it is important to point out that the kindergarten operates throughout the year with interruption during the summer vacation (15. 7. 2024. – 1. 9. 2024.).


500 €

Enrolment fee

Enrolment fee (a non-refundable one-time charge for registration costs and access to the Toddle application) is 500 euros and is not subject to any discount.

Payment options

One-time payment
5% discount is granted for all payments made before the start of the program. -> 7.600 €

Early one-time payment
10% discount is granted for payments made no later than May 1, 2024. -> 7.200 €

Monthly payment
Payable in 10 monthly installments at the start of the program. -> 800 €/month

A 10% discount is granted for each additional child from the same family.

What if I decide to withdraw from the program?
In the event of early withdrawal from the program, the contract signatory is obligated to pay the remaining installment amount. The only exception is in cases of sudden and prolonged illness in the child, which must be proven with medical documentation.


In addition to the annual contract, the legal guardian of the student can choose a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual contract for program usage. In this case, the contracting conditions differ as follows:

Monthly contract

  • The monthly tuition fee under this contract is 30% higher, amounting to 1,040 euros.
  • No additional discounts are granted (for one-time payments or siblings).
  • The enrollment fee is 400 euros.

Quarterly contract

  • The monthly tuition fee under this contract is 20% higher, amounting to 960 euros.
  • No discount is granted for one-time payments, but a 5% discount is granted for enrolling siblings.
  • The enrollment fee is 500 euros.


Semi-annual contract

  • The monthly tuition fee under this contract is 10% higher, amounting to 880 euros.
  • A 3% discount is granted for one-time payments, and a 7% discount is granted for enrolling siblings.
  • The enrollment fee is 750 euros.

What is included in the tuition fee?

  • A 10-hour educational program (including structured sports activities, learning an additional foreign language, and learning Croatian language).
  • Visits to museums, galleries, exhibitions, companies, outdoor education, etc., as part of planned curriculum activities.
  • Two visits to puppet theaters.
  • Two visits to the cinema for children over 5 years old.
  • Learning resources, materials, and supplies.
  • All meals (breakfast, snack, cooked lunch, afternoon snack).
  • Five hoodies and five short-sleeved shirts with the school logo.
  • Two day trips and one two-day trip (to the snow, to a nature park or national park, to the sea).
  • Three thematic workshops for parents.


Parents are required to bring house slippers and diapers to the kindergarten if the child is of nursery age and still wears them. The kindergarten also does not provide spare clothing or equipment for sports activities (such as short-sleeved shirts, tracksuits or sports shorts, and gym shoes).

Pre-registration and seat reservations for the academic year 2025/26.

800 € – The payment made is deducted from the total tuition fee or the first monthly installment (depending on the type of contract and payment).

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