EUR 13,500.00

HRK 101,715.75

EUR 8,500.00

HRK 64,043.25

Price for year 2023/2024 (read more)

The school fee refers to the current academic year, and it is important to point out that the kindergarten operates throughout the year without interruption during the winter or summer vacation.

What is included in the tuition fee?

  • one-off enrolment fee
  • all regular and elective activities
  • extracurricular activities (visits to museums, galleries, exhibitions, companies, classes in nature, etc.)
  • two visits to the puppet theatre
  • two visits to the cinema for children aged 5 and above
  • working material
  • meals (breakfast, snack, fruit, cooked meal for lunch, fruit, snack)
  • five hoodies and five t-shirts with the school logo
  • access to Toodle application that allows parents to monitor their children’s progress and in-school activities on a daily basis
  • three one-day excursions (going to snow, nature or national park, the beach).
  • additional activities in the kindergarten (art workshops, music workshops, foreign language)
  • sports activities outside the kindergarten (equestrian, swimming, martial arts, sailing, gymnastics, dance, etc.)
  • three thematic workshops for parents on the strengthening of parenting skills.


  • organised commute to and from the kindergarten = EUR 700

The tuition may be paid in 10 monthly instalments. For each additional child families are eligible for a 10% discount.
All details pertaining to the tuition amount and payment method are listed in the education contract that the kindergarten concludes with each parent. 

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