Easter Celebration at Adria International School


On the 27th of March, Adria International School had an Easter party which served as a way to start a spring break. The festivities commenced with captivating performances by our talented students, showcasing their skills in recitals, plays, and dances.

Following the performances, we dived into a world of exploration and discovery with engaging experiments led by our dedicated MYP teachers and enthusiastic students. Then, we began an epic Easter egg hunt adventure, spanning both the indoor and outdoor spaces of our school, where cleverly crafted clues by our MYP students led us to hidden treasures. But the excitement didn’t end there! After the hunt, teams conquered exhilarating obstacle rush challenges and partook in egg-themed activities, ensuring laughter and fun for all.

Finally, students, teachers, and parents unwind and mingled while indulging in delicious small dishes and refreshing drinks, cherishing the joyous moments of community togetherness. This was for sure an unforgettable Easter celebration filled with laughter, exploration, and cooperation!

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