Field trip to Pula


On Wednesday, the 24th of April, our students embarked on a thrilling journey to Pula, experiencing a day filled with unforgettable memories and enriching activities. Joining them on this, as a part of the Erasmus+ group mobility project,  are students from Istituto Comprensivo Via Luigi Rizzo in Rome, amplifying the excitement of our field trip.

The day kicked off with a captivating tour of Pula’s historic enchanting city center, where our students were mesmerized by the timeless beauty of landmarks like Augustus’ Temple, the Forum, and the majestic Golden Gate. Amidst the ancient stones and echoes of history, they immersed themselves in the rich heritage of this vibrant city, but the adventure didn’t stop there! After exploring the city’s heart, our curious learners journeyed to the mesmerizing Pula Aquarium, a hidden gem teeming with marine wonders. With eyes wide in wonder, they marveled at the colorful array of sea creatures, from graceful fish to majestic sea turtles, learning about the importance of marine conservation along the way.

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