Field trip to Trieste


On the 14th of February, MYP students embarked on an enriching journey to Trieste, brimming with captivating activities and cultural experiences.

The day commenced with an early departure from Rijeka., setting the tone for a day filled with adventure. Their first stop was the majestic Miramare Castle and its picturesque park, where history came alive amidst stunning surroundings. Guided by our science teachers, they delved into the wonders of the Immaginario Scientifico museum, expanding our understanding of science in an interactive setting.

Exploring the city center of Trieste, they immersed themselves in its charm, ordering coffee and engaging in language activities. The highlight was undoubtedly the Latin treasure hunt, a captivating quest through ancient language and culture.

As we concluded our day with a delightful lunch, we carried with us memories of exploration and discovery, cherishing the moments shared and the knowledge gained.

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