The IB graduation exam is taken in May and November. In order to meet the conditions for obtaining the IB Diploma, three exam terms are allowed (three exam dates), which do not have to be consecutive.


IB graduation exams are recognized as state exams (Državna matura) and students apply for study programs at universities in the Republic of Croatia in the same way as students following national programs.


In addition to universities in the Republic of Croatia, students can continue their education at numerous universities abroad because the IB Diploma is recognized all over the world.

IB diploma translated into the State exam (Državna matura) system

  • According to the decision of the Ministry of Science and Education, the results of the IB Diploma are equally valuable as the State exam (Državna matura- DM) results.

  • Obtaining the IB Diploma for students, who are also in the DM system, is recognized as having passed DM in obligatory subjects (Croatian language, Foreign language, Mathematics) at A level, regardless of what level they are in the IB program.

  • Other subjects are recognized as equivalent optional subjects at DM (History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Visual arts as Art, Business Management as Politics and Economy, Computer Science as Informatics).

The results obtained at the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma) are translated into the State exam (DM) system of the Republic of Croatia as shown in the table:


IB diploma
higher level
State exam
level A
IB diploma
standard level
7 5 7
6 6
5 4 5
3 3 4
2 2 2

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