International Day of Animated Film


On Thursday, October 26th, at Adria International School we celebrated International Day of Animated Film with unparalleled enthusiasm, turning the spotlight on the captivating world of animation. The event featured a dazzling array of activities that showcased the immense impact of animation across cultures and generations.

The “Red Carpet” walk stole the show, where participants displayed their creativity through animation-inspired costumes and characters, highlighting the art’s role in self-expression and storytelling. It underscored animation’s significance beyond entertainment, transcending boundaries. The event brought animation to life with digital and paper animation clips that transported attendees to imaginative, animated worlds.

This art form’s universal appeal was vividly demonstrated, fostering a sense of global connection and understanding. Beyond visual delights, the celebration encouraged creativity through face painting and a themed photo booth. It nurtured young talents while capturing cherished moments. An animated quiz challenged participants’ knowledge and celebrated winners at an award ceremony, emphasizing the importance of animation literacy. The event concluded with a communal lunch, promoting interaction and camaraderie.

International Animation Day serves as a testament to animation’s global impact, its power to engage, educate, and unite people, and its enduring role as a transformative medium. It’s a day that celebrates the enchanting world of animation and inspires our students to continue pushing the boundaries of this incredible art form.

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