Ana Kinkela

Cleaning lady

Ana was born in Rijeka in 1984, where she graduated from the High School of Commerce and Textiles, specializing in tailoring. She spent most of her professional life at the Kraš company, where she performed various roles with dedication, including pastry chef, bartender, and saleswoman. For more than fourteen years, through her work, Ana took care of maintaining the space and cleanliness, showing skill and diligence in every task. For the past three years, Ana worked as a housekeeper in the Lovran student dormitory, where she contributed to a pleasant environment for young people to learn and grow. Ana proudly emphasizes her role as the mother of a six-year-old boy, which makes her family central in her life. She likes to spend her free time with his family and friends, enjoying closeness and togetherness. In addition, Ana finds joy in outdoor activities, whether it's hiking, soccer, fishing, or gardening. Her love for nature shapes her lifestyle and gives her a sense of balance and fulfillment.

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