Kolinda Vučinić

School counselor

Kolinda graduated in pedagogy from The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. After completing her studies, she gained practical experience as a professional collaborator pedagogue in preschools. During that period, she was promoted to the position of mentor and professional collaborator. Kolinda proudly seized the opportunity to spend part of her work experience as an occupational therapist at the Rehabilitation Center in Rijeka. In addition to her focus on improving the institutional context of early and preschool education, Kolinda's area of excellence is working with children with developmental difficulties and providing support to their parents. She has completed numerous trainings, among which Realistic Therapy and Sensory Pedagogy Education are worth mentioning. As part of the project "Self-Evaluation of Early and Preschool Education Institutions" of the National Center for External Evaluation, she led the quality team. She has participated in numerous scientific and professional conferences with her works and presentations of practices. She is an external collaborator of The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, where she teaches in the undergraduate pedagogy study programs in the mandatory subject of Pedagogy of Early and Preschool Education.

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