Marijeta Mašić


Following the completion of her studies in Croatian and German Language and Literature, as well as years of working experience as a teacher, Marijeta continued her education at the Postgraduate Doctoral Study Programme in Pedagogy in Rijeka. Her professional path has been marked by continuous learning, commitment to promoting education, and the creation of collaborative networks. Since January 2021, she first became Principal of the Traffic School in Rijeka, followed by Adria International School. She participated in numerous scientific and professional conferences, having also coordinated and organised several national and international professional trainings. She regularly participates in the design and implementation of scientific and professional projects, and uses opportunities for professional and personal development.  She authored and co-authored scientific and professional papers in the area of professional development of workers in adult education. Of the numerous activities she participated in, working with children is something she finds most fulfilling and is always happy to return to.

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