Silvija Sarapa

Music teacher

Silvija completed a study of music pedagogy at the Academy of Music in Zagreb and a postgraduate specialist study entitled Music and Dance in Social Work and Integrative Pedagogy at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. In 2023, she completed her education and obtained a license as a music pedagogue in the Orff Schulwerk music pedagogy field at the Finnish association JaSeSoi. In the same year, she completed the third level of education entitled Music Therapy in Work with People with developmental disabilities and Vulnerable Groups, organized by the Croatian Association of Music Therapists. Since 2022, he has been in the education program of the American Orff Schulwerk organization, where she is also trained in the field of Orff Schulwerk pedagogy. She is an active member of the Croatian Orff Schulwerk Association, where she participates in the organization of summer Orff education and conducts workshops intended for educators, rehabilitators, pedagogues, and teachers in Croatia and abroad. She works in Zagreb at the Elementary Music School Schola Musica as a teacher of theory subjects, piano, and head of school projects.

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