Peek&Poke Museum and STEM Lab


This Monday, MYP students, accompanied by teachers visited the Peek&Poke Museum and the STEM Lab of the Technical Culture Center in Rijeka. In the Peek & Poke Museum, they saw one of the world’s largest collections of computers that preceded new technologies and game consoles, which they could try after visiting the museum.

One of the interesting things they were able to learn was the fact that Croatia was once a leader in one segment of computer technology. Accordingly, they also saw the first European calculator, produced in 1971 in Buje, at the Digitron factory.

After that, the students visited the STEM Lab of the Technical Culture Center in Rijeka, where they participated in an educational workshop called Treasure Hunt. The “Treasure Hunt” workshop includes several games adapted to the age group of students. The students had to solve eight different puzzles to finally discover the path along which they should drive the robot.

The games were mainly related to the STEM field and included: mathematical puzzles – Tangram, Pentomino, mathematical brain teasers, computer science – RGB, HEX colors, robotics, and encryption (Caesar’s code). Our students solved all the puzzles (with a little help from the program’s leader Vedrana Plenča 😊) and thus completed the Treasure Hunt.

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