Through this club, the students will gain insight into the process of manufacturing from scratch, meaning they will need to choose a theme (idea) for which they will need to design applications. Once the designs are over, they will need to choose and cut fabric materials, and combine them with other different materials, until they produce the final product. The students will need to cooperate and work individually as well. They will need to exchange knowledge of combining materials and learn how to sew. Additionally they will gain some basic knowledge about magnets and magnetism.


  • design, cut and put together different materials such as magnets, fabrics, buttons, velcro and similar craft applications that will be used in our kindergarten on the metal board

Those activities develop motoric and sensory skills as well as a child’s logical and abstract thinking.

Our club welcomes all creative thinkers, crafty students and future entrepreneurs to join us on Tuesdays from 15:30 to 17 h where we will have fun while exploring the so far unexplored!

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