Art club is a wonderful opportunity for every child to explore their creative side and engage in enriching artistic experiences. It offers a space and time for students to come together and unleash their creative potential through different art forms, techniques, and materials. The children will have the chance to express their thoughts and feelings empowering their unique voices and use various art techniques, different art materials, and styles. Hands-on art projects are also a great tool for developing fine motor skills, growing a child`s self-confidence, and broadening a child’s understanding of the diversity of the world around us and artistic traditions.


  • working in pairs and in groups
  • exploring diverse artistic techniques such as printmaking, acrylic pouring, sculpting using clay, wire and other and other materials to create 3D artworks, printmaking, collaborative mural making

We are also very excited to offer our students a variety of engaging field trips, visiting local galleries, museums, our local puppeteer theatre, and movie productions.

See you Fridays from 15:30 to 17 h!

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