School Trip to Agroturizam Ograde


Yesterday, our PYP1 and PYP4 students enjoyed a fantastic field trip to Agroturism Ograde in Istria. The day’s activities were both educational and fun, providing hands-on experiences in various aspects of farm life and traditional Istrian cuisine. The students began with a tour of the Orbanić Estate, where they learned about cattle breeding, observed the process of milking cows, and discovered how dairy products are produced. This was a great opportunity for them to see firsthand how milk goes from the farm to their tables. Next, they participated in a pasta-making workshop, creating pljukanci, a traditional Istrian pasta. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, the students got to mix, roll, and shape the dough, learning about the cultural significance of this regional dish. The culinary adventures continued with a session on making cukrančići, traditional Istrian sugar cookies. The students measured, mixed, and baked these delightful treats, enjoying the sweet results of their efforts.

In the afternoon, the students explored nature by picking herbs. This activity not only taught them about the various local herbs and their uses but also allowed them to appreciate the natural beauty of the Istrian countryside. Overall, the field trip to Agroturism Ograde was a memorable and enriching experience, providing our students with valuable insights into agricultural practices, traditional cooking methods, and the importance of nature in our daily lives.

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