Visit to Textum factory


On Thursday the 21st of March our EY students were kindly invited to visit the textile factory Textum. They saw the fascinating world of textile, fabrics and design and were able to experience the whole process of production, from the design conception to the final product They saw an array of sewing machines, an eclectic assortment of materials and fabrics of different textures and colours, threads alongside many computers and printing machines.

The most interesting part however was seeing their own drawings, made a few days before, get printed on to the material. They were able to see the entire process of making the material, looking at the drawing in a special computer program and getting them printed onto the fabric itself. The students were very excited when they heard that their drawings would be turned into a real bag!

It was a day full of  inspiration and discovery, as our students witnessed firsthand the transformative power of creativity  and innovation. Their visit to Textum broadened their horizons and introduced them to  the wonderful world of textile design and production.

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