Zagreb field trip


Last Friday, our PYP and MYP students spent a day in our capital city, Zagreb, as part of a one-day excursion. After a cheerful ride, the group split according to the planned schedule. The youngest visited Minipolis where, through play and imagination, they had the opportunity to learn about various professions such as pilots, doctors, and firefighters, all in the company of smiling animators. They continued their day in Maksimir, where they joined their older peers from MYP.

The MYP students, on the other hand, spent their time absorbing the history and culture of Zagreb. Guided by a tour guide and equipped with tablets, they explored landmarks such as Dolac, Upper Town, and the Stone Gate. After an educational morning, they spent the afternoon in the relaxing atmosphere of Maksimir, where, despite the unstable weather, they relaxed on a picnic with their younger friends, creating memories before returning to Opatija.

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