Welcome to our Reading Club, a captivating activity for young minds to explore the enchanting world of literature beyond the classroom. Our club offers an escape from the ordinary, where students embark on literary journeys and discover new worlds, places and characters.

Students are given the opportunity to gather in a cozy and inviting space. Each week, we dive into a new book carefully selected to engage and challenge readers of all levels. Our reading list covers all sorts of genres and stories.


  • Enhance reading comprehension and critical thinking skills
  • Broaden horizons by exploring different perspectives and experiences
  • Promote active participation through open conversations, where everyone’s voice is valued, and insights are shared in an environment free from judgment
  • Character analyses, book-inspired art projects, and even the occasional dramatic reading,

Join us on this literary adventure where words come to life and minds are enriched. The Reading Club is not just an activity—it’s a gateway to a world of stories waiting to be explored.

See you Thursdays from 15:30 to 17 h!

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