Radmila Badža


Upon completing her studies in early and preschool education at the Faculty of Teacher Education in Rijeka, she moved to London, where she enrolled in a postgraduate study programme at the Centre For Research in Early Childhood and Birmingham City University, focusing on artistic and creative development of preschool-age children. Working with children and their families in the multicultural environment of London’s kindergartens, a primary school, and becoming a parent of two children herself, she has discovered a passion towards Montessori pedagogy and continued her training to become a Montessori pedagogue at the Montessori Centre International (MCI) and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) institutes. Through practice and continuous professional development, Radmila observes each child as an integral part of their family and environment, and her professional interests lie in bringing out the natural positive elements of parent-child communication, as well as raising parental awareness about the environment their children are being raised in. Radmila is a certified Marte Meo practician and an educator of parents for positive discipline. In 2022, with her family she came back from London to Rijeka, where she spends her free time reading, sewing and walking her dog.

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